About Bloomin' Pots by Cj

This is My Story

I have always had a passion and love for flowers, decorative plants, nature and being outdoors.  Since I first visited Bouchart Gardens with my family in my early teens, I have admired what nature has done with color, textures, decorative plants and the all-around calming feeling that plant life can bring into one’s life.

Bloomin’ Pots was an idea that started in my mind many years ago with the hope that once I retired from the phone company, I could turn my hobby into a small business creating decorative plants to keep me occupied.  I attained my Certificate of Horticulture by attending night school for many years at Los Positas Junior College while working full time.  I have dabbled in my own yard for many years and have acquired a lot of books on horticulture, gardening, creating decorative plants and gardens in containers and so much more.  Retirement came sooner than planned which actually was a great thing as Bloomin’ Pots could get started earlier than anticipated!

decorative plants and pots by Cj
Cj on decorative plants and pots

So, on May 1, 2011 Bloomin’ Pots by Cj was officially open for business!  My backyard has transformed into my workshop and my showroom!

My main interest is creating gardens in containers!  Because, containers are portable, making a garden appear instantly in a landscape to add a splash of color here, there, or anywhere you desire!  It’s fun for me to create a container to a client’s specifications….or to create a container that would just surprise the client.

Check out the “Services” page and see what I can provide!  I learn more each day what I can do, so don’t be surprised if the “Services” page changes monthly!  Also, check out the variety of containers I’ve made so far!  And the surprises just keep on coming!

I not only love what I do, I take pride in my work.  My goal is to bring the beauty and joy of nature to others, with the hope that they, too, will enjoy what we are so blessed with on this Earth.

Each day is God’s gift to you.  Make it blossom and grow into a thing of Beauty!

~ Carolyn

Each day is God’s gift to you.  Make it blossom and grow into a thing of Beauty!