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Little Lizards are our friends ….

I’ve notice more and more of these cute little critters this summer and I’m liking their habits more and more. I have less earwigs now which is great and my rose bushes seem to be aphid and whitefly free this year! If you’re seeing these cute little reptiles in your yard, please let them be!

They love to eat the earwigs and take care of the pests on your roses! They are harmless to humans (Google the types that you find in your yard) but also know that cats like to prey on the lizards and some types have been known to make the kitties sick.

Lizards like to have their own space, so you may want to ensure that you have some rocks with dark spaces and perhaps a few turned upside down old pots – I like to use old cracked or broken pots in my yard for decorations – which also serve as condos for the lizards.

Don’t spray any pesticides, either. No bueno! If you work out in the yard frequently, you may even have a few of them befriend you! Welcome them to the neighborhood!