What clients say about Bloomin' Pots by Cj ~ as the potted plants expert in Pleasanton

Indoor potted plants expert!! I’ve first met Carolyn at a business networking event. I liked her instantaneously for her warmth, kindness, honesty, and sincerity. I knew I wanted to work with this indoor potted plants expert since that first time we’ve met. Within the past three years, she has made personalized flowers, plants and pots for my home, my office, and my client appreciation events. She also helped a bunch of my co-workers in the same capacity. She comes to my home and office on a weekly basis to care for all my plants too. Not only she shows up on time, but she always goes above and beyond to take care of all of the extra plants that I have at my home, all the while including all of her amazing and potted plant expert service in the very reasonable price she charges me on monthly basis. I have not seen anyone love plants more than Carolyn! She is simply a loving human being! I love being around her! Thank you Carolyn for taking such great care of me, my family, and my plants. My home looks so much better because of your care and creativity.

~ Mony, Livermore ~

Mony Nop Real Estate, Livermore

Carolyn is so friendly and you can tell she has a real passion for plants. She’s taken care of our office plants for the past year and we always look forward to seeing her.

~ Kay ~

Pleasanton Business Solutions

Bloomin’ Pots by Cj has been providing and maintaining plants in my home and office for the past two years. During that time Carolyn, who is a true potted plants expert in Pleasanton, has played a major role in the remodel of my backyard into the oasis it is today. Her ideas and ongoing care have enabled me to enjoy my backyard without the concern of constant upkeep.

Family, friends and clients often comment on how warm and inviting my home and office are because of the many well maintained plants. Carolyn’s flexible style and pricing can meet any project and budget and I wish her years of success.

~ Craig, Pleasanton ~

Mortgage Planner, First Priority Financial

Blooming Pots by CJ has done so much on a consistent basis for my patio garden. Carolyn comes on time and does excellent work with such a positive touch on a monthly basis.. She truly beautifies my patio and maintains my living plants and flowers.My patio has gone from okay to charming and elegant!

~ Terry, San Ramon ~

Each day is God’s gift to you.  Make it blossom and grow into a thing of Beauty!