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Winter Colors

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Winter Color Always…

Winter, sometimes could be warm. Where winters stay relatively warm, experiencing only a few light frosts, annual flowers can be used to liven the landscape and containers!

The most common and perhaps hardiest winter annuals are violas and pansies. These are actually the same plant, differentiated only by the size of the flower, with pansies being the larger of the two!

Other possibilities include candytuft, a low-growing mat with bunches of small white flowers. Larkspur has spikes of purple or blue bell-shaped flowers and fill in nicely for height. Sweet William and other pinks, with small, frilly button-like flowers in all shades of pinks, whites, red, purples and some that look like peppermint! For a warm, sunny color, try potting marigolds!

For winter foliage interest, ornamental kale is a very popular choice, but radicchio and colorful lettuces are becoming increasingly popular as ornamental edging, too!

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